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ABCD Project Evaluator Opportunity

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By Helen Jones |  June 20, 2014 |

Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange are seeking to recruit an experienced and dynamic evaluator (suitable collaborations or partnership tenders will be eligible to apply) for our three year asset based community development project funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation. The project is seeking to use asset based community development (ABCD) and co-production techniques to bring about attitude shifts leading to actual and measurable change in public service design, access and delivery.

This is the largest evaluation exercise we have so far undertaken in proportion to the size of our organisation.  Whatever the findings of the evaluation, the fact of evaluation on this scale presents a major undertaking in largely unchartered territory for us.  We anticipate the knowledge generated will significantly influence the future development of our whole organisation.  This is very important to a lot of people at Leeds GATE and beyond; we need excellence, value, passion, commitment and delivery from the evaluators we appoint.

We want to explore and evaluate how this work can influence a shift of power from institutions into communities. We want to see attitude change whereby Gypsy and Traveller community members, and key service providers, see Gypsy and Traveller people as valued, capable and expert partners in delivering co-produced services. We believe that better and more effective service design and access will result in improved quality of life and achieve increased cost benefits.

In the spirit of the whole project we anticipate that evaluation, reporting and dissemination aspects of the work will demonstrate principles of ABCD and co-production, involving project participants and partners. Our appointed evaluator will be a key partner in delivery of the project, providing ongoing formative and reflective evaluation which enables us to make changes to project delivery and direction during the project, and providing significant, engaging and powerful evaluation of the overall project at its close.  We want to ensure that learning from the project is of interest and utility to the wider network of Gypsy and Traveller civic society as well as other organisations working with underrepresented, disenfranchised and minority groups in UK society.

The contract value is £27,000 in total and inclusive of VAT. Tender submission deadline is Monday 21st July 2014. Interviews have provisionally been arranged for Thursday 31st July 2014. The evaluation will run from August 2014 (or as soon as practicably possible) to May 2017.

Tender application cover sheet

Leeds GATE ABCD Evaluator Procurement Brief

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