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Consultant wanted for a rapid service appraisal -Updated

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By Helen Jones |  August 5, 2014 |

Does Leeds GATE do what it says it does?  How well are we achieving our aims and objectives?  How well do we put our values into practice?  We are seeking a consultant to carry out a rapid service appraisal to help us to answer these questions. Click here: Service Evaluation Brief to find out more.

UPDATED We have received this enquiry below:

“Could you confirm whether you have a specific number of interviewees in mind and how you envisage them being contacted? – whether it’s by phone, e-mail or face-to-face and whether the face-to-face contact would be individual or with groups has implications for our phone and travel costs?”

It’s a very good question which perhaps we should have covered in our commissioning brief, although there is always the dilemma that, if you are too specific, you rule out the chance of positive unintended consequences!

We want to know what the following groups think:

  • Local Gypsy and Traveller people
  • Leeds GATE Executive Board
  • Local statutory and VCS stakeholders
  • National statutory and VCS stakeholders
  • The GATE Team
  • You!

We can provide:

  • Our ‘Strategy on a Page’
  • Our most recent Business Plan
  • Our Website, Facebook Page and Twitter account details
  • Our local stakeholder survey
  • Our Staff survey
  • Our members’ survey
  • 1 focus group meeting of Gypsy and Traveller people (non Executive Board , possibly at our Portacabin on the Leeds LA Gypsy and Traveller site)
  • 1 focus group meeting with Leeds GATE Executive Board
  • Opportunity to spend a day at GATE interviewing random footfall.
  • Phone numbers/emails for up to ten national stakeholders
  • Phone numbers/emails for up to ten local (West Yorkshire) stakeholders

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