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Leeds GATE aims to be a ‘healthy office’

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By Helen Jones |  September 11, 2015 |

Leeds GATE exercise walk beginsWe have launched a new campaign to be a healthy office!

In our health development work we are always encouraging community members to exercise.  We talk about the benefits it can bring to your mental as well as physical health. But, do we practice what we preach?!  As staff who work in largely desk based jobs we are aware how hard it can be to work exercise into your daily routine, especially during the working day, but its increasingly difficult to ignore evidence that sitting for too much of the day is really bad for you.  So, in order not to be hypocritical, and to improve our own working environment and wellbeing we are thinking about how to build healthy activities into our routines as a team.

The first part was to start a walking group – launched this week, we will do local walks from our office around the  [GATEwalk resting] local area every Thursday lunchtime at 1pm. The benefits go far beyond the exercise, talking with community members and colleagues, making new friendships, getting out in the sunshine, having a break to refresh your mind in the middle of the day. Viewing our team as a part of the community which we work with, we are extending the invite to join us in improving our routines to community members, local people and colleagues from other organisations.

Leeds GATE resting after exercise walkWe’ve invested in a bigger fridge so that we can keep more fresh food in the office. Next on the list – ordering a load of fruit!

Any other suggestions will be really welcome, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

NB next Thursday 17th is Latter Lee Fair so we’ll be walking around there!

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