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Leeds is National Best Practice - Baroness Whitaker

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By Helen Jones |  June 20, 2013 |

Baroness WhitakerLeeds City Council came in for recognition for it's best practice 'Negotiated Stopping' pilot for roadside Gypsies and Travellers in the House of Lords this week. Baroness Whitaker (Labour) highlighted Leeds during the Lords debate on 'temporary stop notices' in which the government is seeking to allow punitive measures against Gypsy and Traveller families who live on land they own but don't have planning permission for.  The net result of this would be to force those families into unauthorised encampment on land they don't own.  In our opinion this would be a very retrograde and regrettable step. 

Baroness Whitaker highlighted the Leeds pilot saying: 

"It is not as if there are not examples of much better practice. The successful pilot of the negotiated stopping system in Leeds is one of the best. Everyone took part: the council, the police, the local Traveller support group, Gypsy and Traveller families themselves and local businesses. Leeds City Council estimates that it has saved more than £100,000 so far by avoiding eviction and clean-up costs—a far cry from the millions of pounds spent in the Dale Farm disaster. It also says that access to healthcare, education and training has significantly improved for the roadside families concerned. Your Lordships will well understand the benefit of that for community cohesion and for the prospects of employment and, in some cases, life itself."

You can read the rest of this debate here. Leeds GATE will be presenting an 'expert learning day' about the Leeds Negotiated Stopping Pilot on the 19th September. The event is certified for Continuing Professional Development. If you are interested in attending find more details here

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