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Reflections from Helen Jones on the meaning of 'improving accommodation'

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By Helen Jones |  February 1, 2013 |

Helen Jones ReflectsThe wording of Leeds GATE objective of ‘improving accommodation’ is a bit problematic.  If we were working with people who wanted to live in houses, we could speak of “improving housing” and anticipate that people would know what we were talking about.  If we want to estimate the effectiveness of our work to improve accommodation we need to clarify exactly what we are aiming at.  So a quick resort to the internet for assistance is in order.

What did you do at work today?!!

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By Helen Jones |  December 18, 2012 |

Survival skillsOn a cold November morning nine  GATE young people and three even more excited staff set off to Herd Farm. John, our guide took us to a thick forest to see if we would survive the day on our wits alone!

We learnt how to light a fire using only flint and things we could find around us. We designed traps and built dens and we cooked our dinner on an open fire. A really great day everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to the Youth Service for supporting us.

Irish Traveller Movement in Britain Mental Health DVD ‘Tell Someone’

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By Helen Jones |  December 13, 2012 |

A review by Leeds GATE member Mrs Elaine Mulvenna

Mrs Elaine Mulvenna“I found this DVD very interesting to watch. I think it is helpful especially for people who has mental health problems and does not realise they are ill.

E-learning helps explain Gypsy and Traveller culture to public services

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By Helen Jones |  October 21, 2012 |

There are a number of  community led groups, including Leeds GATE, who provide tailored or ‘off the peg’ training sessions to service providers wanting to round out skills and knowledge.  Experienced trainers from the Gypsy and Traveller communities can help with understanding history and culture, with talking through real life issues and scenarios, and describing the lived experience of our families. We know that professionals get a lot of benefit from interacting directly with our community trainers.

Goodbye to Aunt Ada - An obituary from Peter Saunders

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By Helen Jones |  October 14, 2012 |

Aunt Ada North
Aunt Ada North and her friend Mrs Anne Woodham sheltering from the rain under the bridge at Appleby

Ada North, (Born Alma Ada Kindon  29th March 1928)

I first met Ada in 1981, when she and Jack were camping with another few trailers on Gelderd road just down from the site on a bit of old ground. I had just got the job of teacher working with Travellers in Leeds.

Ada was great, welcoming me in for tea and cake and a chance to hear about life on the road, which was brilliant for me as a newcomer. She was an inspiration, then and always, with a great sense of humour and endless stories. She would clearly explain the highs and lows of life on the road, what it had been like for her as a child, as a mother and now as a grandmother, with her children grown up.