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Goodbye from Foz!

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By Ben Chastney |  June 2, 2017 |

My time at GATE has is coming to an end very soon, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this experience remarkable and welcomed me into the organisation. This experience has been amazing as I got to learn about the Gypsy and Traveller culture and through the learning we established how similar my culture was to yours. I will definitely miss the long chat and teas.

Human Rights Based Advocacy – Using the laws to get results

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By Ben Chastney |  May 11, 2017 |

Human Rights naturally plays a big role in so much at GATE; found both in our values and underplaying what we do in practice.  It is certainly key to advocacy, with the purpose of letting members know what their rights are and how these might best be defended.  What I was reminded of recently by an excellent session from the British Institute of Human Rights, is that we can and should sometimes be more willing to use legal tools to seek redress for wrongs. 

“We are voters too” – Reminding candidates of their electorate and Operation Traveller Vote

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By Ben Chastney |  May 2, 2017 |

Another year another election it seems.  Whilst we can all sigh and become a little weary, our members usually have more reason than most to be pessimistic each time the ballot box comes round.  Firstly it is usually another occasion to be reminded just how ignored their voices are, that politicians are not seeking their support or offering anything for this.  Rather, our members usually only find elections to be something that happens to them, with any policies about Gypsies and Travellers for the audience of others and therefore consistently hostile in tone and content. 

Disability benefits only ‘for the really disabled’? A collaborative response

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By Ben Chastney |  March 3, 2017 |

I am sure I am not the only one who read the recent comments of Theresa May’s advisor about disability benefits with concern, sadness and frustration.  Most notable was the suggestion that anxiety and related mental health illnesses were perhaps not as serious as certain physical disabilities and perhaps did not merit financial support.  The question is how best to respond.

3 week placement opportunity for someone aged between 15-19

By Teresa Birtle |  March 2, 2017 |

Are you bored of sitting at home and would love to get some work experience? Well this could be your lucky day, Leeds GATE is offering a 3 week placement to a young person. You can choose the area you are most interested and would like to work in, and the experience gained will suport you to get a job and look fantastic on your C.V. If you are aged between 15-19 and interested in this opportunity please give us a call at the office on 01332402444 and ask to speak to Teresa or Sharon.