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Welcome Foz!

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By Ben Chastney |  February 24, 2017 |

Leeds GATE would like to give a big welcome to Fozia who has just started with us at Leeds GATE.  Foz is a social work student currently in her second year of university and will be on placement with GATE until early June. Her role within Leeds GATE will be to shadow the advocacy team in her early days and once she has settled in she will be providing advocacy services alongside the team.

Tackling inequalities the right way? Solving the right problems

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By Ben Chastney |  February 24, 2017 |

Leeds GATE and many other organisations recently dashed to submit responses to a ministerial working group looking at Gypsy and Traveller inequality.  You can see our final submission here.   The study was undertaken by the Women and Equalities Commission, established to ‘hold to account’ the Government Equalities Office.  This particular working group was touted in Europe by our Government as key to the Roma Integration Strategy.  As our submissions now start to be published it is timely to question its effectiveness; in particular, are we solving the right problems?

How important is trust between Gypsies, Travellers and Roma people and health services?

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By Helen Jones |  February 20, 2017 |

These are important questions that a team of researchers from Dundee and York universities and Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange (Leeds GATE) are investigating. It is well known that Gypsies and Travellers have poor health compared to other groups in the UK. We also know that they use health services less (or later on a health journey when things are more acute).

Dr Alison McFadden, Senior Research Fellow, Mother and Infant Research Unit, University of Dundee tells us about an important new piece of research.

Roads, Bridges and Tunnels - what we've learnt through ABCD

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By Ellie Rogers |  February 17, 2017 |

This is a long overdue blog to share some of our thinking about Roads, Bridges and Tunnels which we have developed through a process of asset mapping with our members. 

An unpalatable truth? “People don’t want Traveller Sites”

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By Ben Chastney |  January 27, 2017 |

That statement “people don’t want Traveller Sites” seems to get thrown around far too often.  It is reductive, includes questionable assumptions and misdirects us from addressing Gypsy and Traveller accommodation needs sensibly.  I heard it again when on local news the other week, reminding me that I think this phrase, or version of, it was posed almost every time I have engaged with the media.  That is telling and demonstrates why and where the debate is consistently going wrong.