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One Punch Kills

Domestic Violence Project Report by Leeds GATE

Kathleen Morrison, the project leader for this project, presents a Report on a programme to raise awareness of domestic violence among the Gyspy and Traveller communities in Leeds. This report was updated in April 2011.

'I feel that one just one punch kills lots of things like respect, trust and self-esteem. It kills the spark of life even if it doesn't kill your body. Children who are around violence lose all these things as well, even if they are not getting hit themselves.'

'I knew it was a tricky subject and it was hidden under the carpet but I knew I had to do this; if not for me then for all the women and children in my community.' Kathleen Morrison

This project that originally set out to benefit a least 75 people but ended up directly involving nearer 2oo. Some of the projects' aims were to provide opportunities for safe discussion of domestic violence issues among a group of Gypsy and Traveller parents and to raise their self esteem.