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The Original Pull…A Guest Blog by @agypsyswife

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By Helen Jones |  May 28, 2014 |

Police carThe Police just know who you are … no escaping it.

We were working, trimming a hedge in the rain yesterday, Sunday. The passing police found this suspicious enough to spend an hour checking our identities, insurance and licences. They invited our customer to sit in the back of their car to make sure that we were not Rogue Traders. He spent 15 minutes re-assuring them.

Our customer had called us in response to an advertisement, a quote was given; price agreed. The work started some days later, when both our diaries allowed. We started two days earlier than the seven day cool off period allowed. As all consenting adults agreed … we saw no need to sign a consent form.

Oh. Bother. We. Broke. The. Law.

Well, clearly, all our paper work and insurances and waste carriers licence are in order. But it doesn’t half tick you off, when you’re wet, tired, working on a Sunday to make ends meet and you get the pull. The Senior Police Officer, (who’s probably got an NVQ in GRT) didn’t get out into the rain but sent the (actually very apologetic) junior to do his bidding.

Makes you feel like giving up?

Got your paperwork in order?




Once again, you are what you are … and they know it.

We got pulled up again today.  This time, on foot, delivering leaflets to households. That is all.

No calling, just slogging, posting leaflets through the doors. The Policeman wanted to know, having spotted our lorry, parked, whether our Waste Carriers Licence was in order. He’d already checked our tax and insurance, no doubt.

Then he needed to discuss why we were delivering leaflets. Did we know about the seven day cooling off period?

He was unsure, though, of the exact specification and asked us to stop delivering leaflets while he called the Trading Standards Office for clarification.

We stopped. When he returned, a while later, I explained the seven day rule as I understood it. He got the point. We were not cold calling, but delivering leaflets. Leaflets are a tool of advertising your business and an invitation for discussion. A contract comes later. That is when the seven day rule applies.

But it is a shame. When you’re slogging up the hills and down, to post leaflets through the doors that may keep the wolf away from yours …

You get checked, just because of what you are.

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