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Obituary - Eileen Lowther Leeds GATE Honorary President

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By Helen Jones |  September 11, 2017 |

Eileen Teresa Lowther was born into a large family in Ireland in 1953. Her mother was from Ballina, County Mayo, her father from Offaly. The family lived in Donegal until her parents decided to follow their older children to the UK when Eileen was eight, first to Glasgow and then onto Leeds where Eileen stayed for most of her life. Eileen had a happy childhood. In 1975 Eileen married Mandy Lowther and they had six children together.

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Obituary - Peter Mercer MBE

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By Helen Jones |  January 23, 2017 |

We're really sad to hear of the recent death of Peter Mercer MBE.  Peter was a great role model and colleague, always encouraging and keen to share his knowledge.  Here are obituaries from Arthur Ivatts OBE and Siobhan Spencer MBE, first published on the National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups website.  Rest in Peace Peter.

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Goodbye to Aunt Ada - An obituary from Peter Saunders

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By Helen Jones |  October 14, 2012 |

Aunt Ada North
Aunt Ada North and her friend Mrs Anne Woodham sheltering from the rain under the bridge at Appleby

Ada North, (Born Alma Ada Kindon  29th March 1928)

I first met Ada in 1981, when she and Jack were camping with another few trailers on Gelderd road just down from the site on a bit of old ground. I had just got the job of teacher working with Travellers in Leeds.

Ada was great, welcoming me in for tea and cake and a chance to hear about life on the road, which was brilliant for me as a newcomer. She was an inspiration, then and always, with a great sense of humour and endless stories. She would clearly explain the highs and lows of life on the road, what it had been like for her as a child, as a mother and now as a grandmother, with her children grown up.

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Hundreds Attend Kathleen Morrison's Funeral

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By Helen Jones |  March 14, 2012 |

Story in the Yorkshire Evening Post 14 March 2012

Moving scenes were witnessed as six white horses pulled a Cinderella style glass carriage containing a white mirrored coffin through the streets of Leeds.

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Inspirational Traveller

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By Helen Jones |  March 13, 2012 |

Kathleen MorrisonBy Alison Bellamy in the Yorkshire Evening Post

The death of an “inspirational” woman has left the travelling community heartbroken.

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