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Too much fun in the office?!

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By Helen Jones |  February 19, 2016 |

Work is supposed to be hard isn’t it? 

But is GATE work?  Is it a building with people all doing work in it? 

As I began thinking about this blog, prompted by the picture ‘Little Jim, Ellie and Jukels (dogs)’, the scene below, ‘Jimmy, Jerry, Thomas and Billy’, happened in front of me.  I asked the boys what happens at GATE and they said its “where Gypsies and Travellers get united”!  

The GATE office is sometimes very peaceful and the staff team crack on, tapping away on their laptops, doing lots of vital things like keeping in touch with colleagues, making arrangements, writing reports and funding bids and all the rest.  However, very often there is a one or more of our members in the office having a cuppa and a chat.  Sometimes it feels like every man and his dog is in here......!  

So how do we manage the teams' busy workloads at the same time as being prepared to drop everything and hold someone's baby for half an hour whilst they have an advocacy appointment?  Luckily for us we have a set of value statements that we can refer to for guidance in any circumstances.  For example 'Leeds GATE belongs to Gypsies and Travellers' and 'Leeds GATE is welcoming'.  Whilst we might give the appearance of 'sitting around chatting', the staff team all know that there is much more to it than that.  Gypsies and Travellers won't be assisted to 'be united' by a load of people tapping away on keyboards. Getting united only happens during conversations. So, much as there are times when you just can't hear yourself think, we try to always make room for a chat and we know conversation is when the very best work actually happens.

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