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Traveller Education – A discussion worth having

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By Ben Chastney |  March 8, 2016 |

Tomorrow Leeds GATE will participate in a powerful discussion about Gypsy and Traveller education.  This will be called an Outcomes Based Accountability session, at which actual goals will hopefully be set.  Whilst focused on Leeds, the learning and ideas coming from this will naturally have wider implications.  Involved in the debate will be a number of different partners, all key to education of Gypsy and Traveller education, including representatives from various parts of the Council, schools and community members themselves.  We certainly look forward to contributing, and learning, a lot. 


The very holding of this debate and the variation of excepted attendees itself must be recognised as an important step.  To solve an issue it needs to be identified and acknowledged.  Whilst we are not saying that Gypsy and Traveller education is a problem per se, it is fair to say that there is room for improvement in learning outcomes and therefore positive that this will be focused on tomorrow.  Equally, it looks like we will have some suitably senior and well placed people coming, who will hopefully have the will and capacity to carry through with some of what is decided as a priority.


Of course, we are not expecting or even seeking for everyone to agree tomorrow.  This is such a complex discussion, with so many facets and varied experiences to factor in.  What we do hope for though is a lively debate which increases mutual understanding of how and why education might be improved for our young members.  Following this learning it will then be crucial to put actual measures in place to realise some of the improvements proposed during the discussions.  We are looking forward to a constructive session tomorrow and will keep you posted on progress. 

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