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Twitter? Can it make a difference to Gypsy/Traveller health and wellbeing outcomes?

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By Helen Jones |  February 22, 2013 |

Claire tackles Twitter
Claire Graham from GATE trying to get her head around Twitter!

What? What is Twitter?

Lots of Gypsies and Travellers that we know are using facebook now.  It makes a positive change that the technology, and increasing use of 'text speak', is enabling young Travelling people to keep up with the fast paced world of social media that we find ourselves living in.

Even the older people, or those with no reading at all, are also getting to hear news from family that they wouldn't without the dread Facebook. I well remember the day the Eileen, my boss and Chair or the Executive Board, told me something she had heard from Facebook.

Quite a few of the Gypsy and Traveller representative groups including Leeds GATE, are now joining in with 'tweet-mania'.  There are some suggestions for who you might find interesting to follow at the end of this post. 

What? What is a Hashtag?

This # is a hashtag. People use them on twitter to identify interesting subjects.  If you hear that something is 'trending' on Twitter, it means lots of people are using the same hashtag to join in a conversation.  If you post something you want other people to find you use a hashtag and then write your subject with no spaces and no punctuation.  So for example if we want a conversation about health, we use the hashtag #GypsyTravellerHealthUK.  If we want to include Roma we might put #GypsyTravellerandRoma.  If we are talking about policy we use #GypsyTravellerandRomaPolicy.

So if you'd like to help us spread the word about Gypsy and Traveller (and Roma) health, follow us on twitter, tweet, and retweet!

  • @LeedsGATE = Us!
  • @LeedsGATEYouth = young people's news from Leeds GATE
  • @TravellersTimes = the national magazine for Travellers and people interested in Traveller's news
  • @GypsyTravellers = Friends Families and Travellers
  • @pipogypopotamus = A young Gypsy blogger
  • @ITMB = Irish Traveller Movement in Britain
  • @Article12 = Human Rights organisation in Scotland with Gypsy/Traveller projects
  • @MECOPP1 = BME and Gypsy/Traveller carer support in Scotland

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