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Valerie Elliot Reviews a Little Book for Bereaved Children

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By Helen Jones |  June 20, 2014 |

It's Different Without You, book cover"It's different without you" by Carol Rogers (A senior lecturer from Buckinghamshire New University).

This is a book for Traveller children, its about when some-one you love has died.  It was very good. It talks about how a child might deal with some of it. Anyone who has lost some-one could use it not just a child.

I thought there was one or two things that could have been included. When my Mam died when I was a child no-one really talked about it, or about her. I know  some Gypsy people don't talk about people who've died.  As a child I think you don't want to fetch it up in-case you upset somebody. And you don't want to make the people around you cry or upset.

Even though as an adult we know its alright to cry and be upset, as a child you keep getting asked and told not to, so you might not. I don't think it should be asked for you not to cry or keep your feelings to yourself.  And i think it should of been put in that the child might prefer to talk to or be asked about it by someone else that's not the child's family.  A child might need this.  Children shouldn't have to keep their feelings or thoughts to themselves. The book seems like a good starting point to help.

Reviewed by Valerie Elliott.

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